Michael Davis Responds to Jim Schutze’s Accusations

Yesterday, Jim Schutze wrote a long post about the Plan Commission’s rejection of the city staff recommendation to change the name of Industrial to Riverfront. Tucked at the end was this:

At today’s meeting, African-American plan commission member Michael Davis made an angry, crazy, rambling attack on the Latino citizens who had spoken in favor of the Cesar Chavez name change. How times have changed. In its offensiveness and petulance, Davis’s speech was at least the equal to any of the old white-guy bigot speeches I used to hear at City Hall decades ago.

That, my friends, is a firebomb. I know Davis a little bit. Mostly from his blog, Dallas Progress. That didn’t really square with what I knew. I suspected, though, that Michael wouldn’t hesitate to retort. He did:

Anybody that thinks that what I said today was racist in any way was not listening. After the vote, people catcalled our committee this morning and called us racists this morning and I let it go. But when similar attacks surfaced at our main commission I felt the need to address it. I said that people of any race shouldn’t be allowed to attack and judge each other without cause. What I did say was that you can’t judge a person and call them racist based on an outcome of a vote, and I was offended by those allegations. I also said that I am one of the first people at our commission that addresses any citizen that makes offensive or racial statements at our meetings. Maybe I rambled a bit, but in no way was anything that I said racist or anything close to it.

There’s plenty more.


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12 responses to “Michael Davis Responds to Jim Schutze’s Accusations”

  1. amanda says:

    Michael Davis is NOT a racist…far from it. Jim Schutze, on the other hand, continues to unravel, and has lost all credibility.

  2. It’s a real shame watching someone as talented as Jim become a parody of himself.

    It’s like if Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix had survived, and today were playing “Celebration of the 60s shows in Vegas” complete with medleys and glitter drops.

  3. SRP 4 you says:


    sez who?




  4. yikesdallas says:

    This whole street-naming debacle is getting more insane – if that were possible! The idea that it all started with a silly online poll makes it even more ridiculous. We could list several online “polls” in recent months that have made no sense whatsoever because they get taken over by small groups with vested interests in the results, producing distorted results with no basis in reality – or apparently common sense.

    Yeah, some dim bulbs at City Hall thought it would be good to get ‘community input’ into this project, because we certainly haven’t been able to get involved in any other aspect of it. But to take what was initially a dumb idea and then spend all this time on the obviously asinine result is beyond comprehension.

    I’m all for Angela Hunt, but she’s gone off her rocker if she doesn’t see all the trouble that Neil Emmons continues to cause. She needs to FINALLY comes to her senses and remove him from the Plan Commission.

  5. So Michael Davis is racist for saying that people shouldn’t be called racist on the basis of a single vote?

    Is that really where we are?

  6. Daniel says:

    I agree, Trey. A richly talented man has disintegrated into — well, angry, crazy, rambling attacks. Many’s the time I’ve stood in awe of the man. No more.

    FWIW, I could give two flips if they rename a prominent street Cesar Chavez, but I resent the way the dialog came into being — a risible internet straw poll that was almost certainly hijacked by a half-dozen idle teens, followed up by racial bullying and name calling. Can’t we reserve the R-word for people like Stephen Rogers of Cable One?

  7. LakeWWWooder says:

    I know Mr. Davis from dallasmetropolis.com and have met him a few times. I am always impressed with his extensive knowledge, service and dedication to our city. I am very grateful that he takes the time to do this.

  8. Bethany says:

    Was Jim at this meeting, or did he hear about/see it later?

    Because I distinctly remember him calling Steve Blow out for not contacting Angela Hunt and relying on a reporter’s recounting of a conversation.

  9. amanda says:

    Srp, Michael has been a guest in my home. I know him, I like him, and I respect him. I don’t always agree with him, but he is welcome in my home anytime.

    The content of his words, basically that “racism” doesn’t come down to one vote is indeed valid.

  10. JB says:

    We should all just quit fighting and admit it. We are all racists. Its not illegal to be racist and we should not supress our real feelings. Embrace racism. Love racism. Laugh at racism. Hang it up on a wall and frame it in all its glory. Becuse then, …..and only then, we will all accept the we are all HUMAN racists.

    …cause alien Emporer, Xenu, is coming and boy is he P.O.’d!!!

  11. Sharon Boyd says:

    Dallas needs more citizens like Michael Davis. He works his skinny rear off for the community, and he gets results.

    I met Mike when he first got active. My enthusiasm and support has only grown since. I consider him a close friend, and he is no racist.

    Unlike Neil Emmons who plays games with developers and the community – lying to all sides, Michael Davis is a straight shooter. I don’t know why Jim Schutze has attached himself to a lowlife like Emmons, but it’s obvious that he has. If you challenge Emmons, Schutze jumps in whether he knows the facts or not.

    Until a few months ago, I considered Jim an ally — even though we’re light years apart politically. He did a great story when Bill Blaydes tried to steal Jack Pierce’s land (Overhead Door) through a zoning change over Pierce’s objection. When Neil Emmons and Angela Hunt did the same thing to Woodard Paint & Body in East Dallas, Jim turned a deaf ear and blind eye to a terrible injustice.

    With things going south for the Trinity Project, I hoped Jim would get over his post-election funk and get back to his funny and insightful writing/reporting.

    Guess that’s not going to happen — but he better lay off Michael.

  12. Oh My Eyes says:


    It was Jim who also said that Sandra Crenshaw was an intelligent and rational person….

    And we ALL know how that turned out!